Sustaining a facial injury that involves your teeth is traumatic enough. Aside from acute pain, you fear you’ll lose your tooth altogether. With an injured or cracked tooth, time is of the essence, so it’s important to call our office as soon as possible. Whether your tooth is fractured, dislodged, or completely torn from the socket, it’s possible to save your injured tooth with immediate endodontic treatment.

Cracked Teeth

A fractured tooth can cause a number of symptoms, including intermittent discomfort and temperature sensitivity. Difficult to diagnose due to inconsistent pain, a cracked or fractured tooth is usually bothersome when chewing for two reasons: chewing causes the cracked the pieces of the tooth to move, irritating the pulp, or pain results when bite pressure is released and the tooth closes quickly. If left untreated, it’s likely that the crack or fracture will allow bacteria to penetrate the tooth, infecting the pulp and causing consistent pain.

Injured Teeth

When you experience a traumatic injury, it’s important to act quickly. A tooth that is dislodged can be stabilized and, within a few weeks, we’ll take a look at how it’s healing. If the pulp remains healthy, chances are you won’t require any further treatment. But if we find that the pulp is damaged or infected, we’ll perform a root canal to save your tooth.

In the case of an avulsed tooth (a tooth that has been forcibly torn from the socket), you’ll need to do some quick thinking. The tooth should be kept moist, if possible, by placing it in a glass of milk or a glass of water with a pinch of salt. Dr. Maupin may start an immediate root canal treatment, though how long your tooth was out of your mouth and how you stored it may determine your treatment.

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