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Endodontic Surgery

“I had an abscessed tooth that needed a specialized root canal. I seriously was in the worst pain of my life. My regular dentist sent me to Maupin Endodontics. They were able to get me in that same afternoon. The doctor knew I was in a lot of pain and his bedside [manner] was excellent. I felt no extra pain (beyond the abcessed tooth itself) and he even called me that evening at home to check on me. The staff was very professional and also very kind. In a few hours, my original pain had significantly decreased. I highly recommend Maupin Endodontics.”

Occasionally, a patient experiences pain or discomfort deep within the jawline following a root canal procedure and may require endodontic surgery to provide relief. These symptoms may be the result of several factors, including:

  • Tooth canals that were too calcified or narrow for typical instruments to adequately reach and clean the end of the root.
  • The presence of a tiny fracture or undetected canal.
  • Damage to the root surface or surrounding bone.

Our highly qualified team uses the most advanced instruments and expert skill to conduct endodontic surgery. We treat the area surrounding the root and remove any infected tissue without having to go through the original root canal or crown.

At Maupin Endodontics, we work hard to make your treatment as simple, convenient, and pleasant as possible.

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If you’re experiencing a “flare up” below your root canal site, don’t suffer with inflammation and discomfort! Contact Maupin Endodontics and get relief fast.