Technology is all around us; it grows rapidly, and it enriches our lives every day. Dental technology is no exception. With every advancement, patients enjoy less invasive, more effective treatments and shorter healing times. Dr. Maupin is tireless in his efforts to learn about, as well as incorporate, the latest technology into our Lubbock endodontics practice. Currently, we utilize:

The Digital Office

4c951e_46c94c2d3f7d42a7bb986205a4f7ef38-mv2With The Digital Office, we have eliminated the paper from our office, making it completely digital, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. This state-of-the-art computer software allows Dr. Maupin to communicate with you and with referring dentists through highly protected, fully encrypted Internet communication.

Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT)

4c951e_43b77af676614c4a94b29091e2739b70-mv2In order to provide his patients with the safest, most modern diagnostic care, Dr. Maupin uses Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT. In fact, Dr. Maupin contributed to CBCT research and is extremely familiar with its advantages. An advanced type of digital radiography, CBCT provides 3-D images of structures beneath the teeth and gums, including unprecedented views of teeth roots, internal canals, and bone structure, and is generally used for evaluation prior to surgery and for difficult diagnostic cases. CBCT drastically reduces radiation exposure while providing the necessary information for more targeted, and more effective, endodontic treatment

Surgical Operating Microscope

4c951e_579a95ffe452466db4ab6e952a585f68-mv2With extensive training in microsurgical and microscopic techniques, Dr. Maupin’s dental office is well-equipped with surgical operating microscopes and uses only the top-of-the-line Zeiss ProErgo. With these surgical operating microscopes, Dr. Maupin is able to preserve more of your natural tooth structure while identifying tooth canals, locating problems such as cracks and root fractures, and providing the highest level of care available to you.


4c951e_2f484a43ed07442f8e8e313f34ceea18-mv2The X-Guide is a revolutionary new system that extends the capabilities of the cone beam system for simplified and more accurate implant procedures. The X-Guide is a 3D navigation system that delivers an interactive turn-by-turn guidance allowing Dr. Maupin to improve the precision and accuracy of the implant. Currently, Dr. Maupin is the only dentist in Lubbock that utilizes the X-Guide.

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